Final Salary Pension Transfer Calculator

Use this calculator if you transferred your Final Salary pension out of a work scheme. A final salary (defined benefit) pension is one that is guaranteed based on salary and length of service.

Our pension redress calculators will give you an indication of how much your mis-selling refund could be worth.If your case is upheld, the exact value of your refund will not be known until all the facts of your case have been disclosed and a final figure calculated by the firm.

How To Use The Calculator?

1. Enter your details into the Red Boxes

Normal Retirement Age (NRA) is set by your scheme and is between 50 and 65 depending on employer. Amount of any withdrawals is optional if you have already retired and taken money out of your pension.

2. Compare your Pension Values

See how much your Fund was worth in the Final Salary scheme vs. what it is currently worth in the New Scheme.

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Should your pension provider reject your claim, we can take your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). The ombudsman finds in favour of two-thirds of SIPP cases, so there is a good chance that you will be successful.

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