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We’ve launched with the aim to become the UK’s leading firm for claims relating to SIPPs and pensions. In case you are wondering what a SIPP is, it stands for “Self-Invested Personal Pension”.

News articles around SIPPs seems to have been increasing over the past 12 months, with a noticeable acceleration this year. You may have read about the House of Commons Work & Pensions Committees’ comments relating to the emerging British Steel Workers pension transfer scam or you may have been affected by one of the many Independent Financial Adviser firms that are currently going into administration due to claims against them for pensions and SIPP mis-selling. One look at the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) website paints a sorry picture for the number of IFA firms’ regularly entering liquidation.

If you have a couple of minutes to spare, I would encourage you to have a quick look around the rest of the website. In addition to our blogs we will also be providing latest news around SIPPs and pensions, commenting on developments in the industry and providing insight into mis-selling stories that break. We’ve got sections explaining in more detail what SIPPs are and how they were potentially mis-sold. We’ve also got a nice section to identify the common culprits. This list comprises either the IFAs that were involved in mis-selling or providing poor advice, information about the underlying investment schemes that have experienced problems or have delivered zero returns or the SIPP providers themselves that were responsible for providing due diligence on the underlying investment schemes. As you can already see, this area of claims can quickly become a complex spiders web of interested parties and stakeholders. We will be adding to this list over time as and when any developments occur, so keep an eye out to see if your pension arrangement is affected.

If you have lost money on your pension and you think you may be affected by any of these issues, then I would encourage you to start doing something about it. We are seeing an increasing number of people approach us to get more information about pension and SIPP claims. The process of claiming can also seem quite intimidating if you are unfamiliar with how things work. There will be different avenues to take to secure compensation depending on whether your pensions adviser was regulated or unregulated, whether they provided advice or just an ‘execution only’ service, whether they are still actively trading or have become bankrupt. Also, do you also have a separate and additional claim against the SIPP provider? Do you need to go to court and use a solicitor? Do you just claim for your pension losses or are there other things to claim for? We are familiar with all of these issues and can help you navigate through the claims process.

Finally, if you have a particular story or experience that you would like to share with us about problems with your pension, then we would love to hear from you.

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