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By David Leuchars  /  16th August 2018

New Pension Ombudsman Verdict Could Offer Hope To Pension Scam Victims

The Pension Ombudsman has recently made a surprising and potentially hugely significant judgement relating to pension transfers. The Customer in...
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By David Leuchars  /  14th August 2018

The Lifetime SIPP Claims Piling up at the FSCS

Back in April this year, the FSCS opened up potential claims for customers of pension provider, The Lifetime SIPP. This...
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By David Leuchars  /  16th May 2018

New FSCS Levy Increases takes aim at SIPP Providers

The latest report from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has included a number of new proposals that has created a...
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By David Leuchars  /  14th May 2018

Berkeley Burke Case Goes To Judicial Review

A very old proverb states “the wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine.” Anyone who has had extended...
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By David Leuchars  /  4th May 2018

FSCS Prepares for influx of new cases from Lifetime SIPP customers

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) will likely soon be dealing with claims relating to the SIPP provider Lifetime SIPP, which...
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By David Leuchars  /  18th April 2018

Lifetime SIPPs Enters Administration

A major SIPP provider has recently entered administration, seemingly as a result of numerous cases against them currently being pursued....
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By David Leuchars  /  16th April 2018

Storage Pods- Hundreds of million invested, but now the SFO is Investigating

  Storage Pods were advertised as a solid investment, with guaranteed returns for several years. They had a slick marketing...
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By David Leuchars  /  29th March 2018

Same Faces, Different Cases – Individual IFA’s costing the FSCS millions !

The FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) deals with a huge amount of cases per year, but a number of these...
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By David Leuchars  /  18th March 2018

FOS under fire following Channel 4 documentary

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) exists to resolve complaints between financial businesses and their customers. They oversee a huge range...
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By David Leuchars  /  14th March 2018

Sipp Providers in Dock As Affected Customers Get Their Day in Court 

SIPP providers face an interesting couple of months ahead as the courts will be weighing in regarding SIPPs mis-selling. Carey...
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By David Leuchars  /  9th March 2018

Carbon Credits- Millions lost boiler room scams

Carbon credits are a very 21st century investment. A credit (or off-set) allows the holder to emit 1 tonne of...
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By David Leuchars  /  4th March 2018

The FSCS’s recent decisions highlight potential for claims against SIPP providers     

The Financial Service Compensation Scheme has recently made decisions against several SIPP providers which have greatly widened the potential for...
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By David Leuchars  /  1st March 2018

Harlequin Properties: Trouble in Paradise

For many people, it all sounded too good to be true. Investing in villas and hotels in exotic places like...
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By Daniel Hall  /  19th February 2018

SIPPClaims.UK – Mis-sold SIPP Claims Portal

Welcome to We’ve launched with the aim to become the UK’s leading firm for claims relating to SIPPs...
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Pension Redress Calculators


Our pension redress calculators will give you an indication of how much your mis-selling refund could be worth.

If your case is upheld, the exact value of your refund will not be known until all the facts of your case have been disclosed and a final figure calculated by the firm.


You may have an eligible claim for compensation if

  • You were encouraged by your financial adviser to change your investments without a proper explanation of the reasons why you should be doing this.
  • You were assured that your SIPP pension value would increase by your financial adviser but has fallen.
  • You were not properly informed of the factors which could result in a reduction of the value of investments
  • You felt uncomfortable or pressured by your financial adviser into an investment that you didn’t need or want.
  • The pension transfer & investment risks were not properly explained to you by your financial adviser.
  • Your financial adviser did not properly assess your financial situation by carrying out a fact find exercise.
  • At no time did your financial adviser make you aware that your funds were being invested in an unregulated investment.
  • You feel that you were given poor advice by your financial adviser concerning SIPPs which has left you financially worse off.
  • Information was not provided by your financial adviser about exceeding the £40,000 tax-free limit would make you liable for the 55% income tax. is a information only website.
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